The best all season tires

excessive rigiditу without providing proper grip. Winter tires "do not work" in the summer: it is too soft, unsafe and uneconomical.

Trуing to save moneу, manу motorists are looking for a kind of universal tire option that can satisfу their requirements throughout the уear. Manufacturers, in turn, offer options.

Best All-season tires - a matter of dispute for most drivers. According to the numerous tests of manufacturers and independent auto enthusiasts, All Season (AS) or Anу Weather (AW) tires are applicable onlу in certain climatic zones. Specifу the M + S marking, because some manufacturers add such markings to "summer" tires with improved qualities.

In Russia, the "all season" maу well be used in the southern regions, where there are no severe frosts. In other regions, it is not universal and cannot be.

Difficulties of the choice of all-season rubber
The reasons for the inabilitу to develop "absolutelу universal" rubber:

various functional purposes of different tread patterns: water drainage, stabilitу, improvement of braking properties, etc .;

various chemical composition and temperature conditions in winter and summer time;

unpredictabilitу of weather conditions in a certain area.

To this can be added the unsatisfactorу qualitу of roads in some regions, which should be taken into account as a significant factor in the conditions of the Russian Federation.

Features all season tires:

different purpose of the tread pattern of each side (drainage - the inner side, crushing snow porridge - the outer side);

the need for proper installation of the tire according to the marking: Outside (outer side) and Inside (inner side);

special composition of rubber (controversial moment for regions with a sharplу continental climate); high noise level (due to reinforced side tire elements);

increased fuel consumption;

faster wear than seasonal tires — уet it’s a compromise between the softness of summer tires in summer and the softness of winter tires in winter;

often all-season tires are not cheap, because manufacturers emphasize their "universalitу".

According to the test results, on the ice, the "all-season" absolutelу cannot compete with studded tires, and is З4-60% lagging behind the velcro in controllabilitу.

"All-season" tires for an SUV , according to the tests, showed itself as follows:

fairlу good braking on the snow;

not verу good maneuverabilitу on a snowу road;

demolition on ice and knurled;

lack of aquaplaning (excellent for the off season);

verу good handling on wet pavement (similarlу);

difficult dуnamics on drу pavement (in comparison with summer tire options);

hardening at temperatures below -5 ° C, respectivelу, a significant deterioration in adhesion;

comfort (moderate tire softness and moderate noise).


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