On Arbor Day, April 29th 2011, four trees were planted in the Laguna Lake Commemorative Grove to memorialize the lives and work of Graciela Sarmiento, Dr. James Thornton, Roger Lyon, and Andrew Thiel. These living monuments share a special rememberance with present and future generations.

The following website describes the Commemorative Grove Program with directions to the site which is open to the public seven days a week.



An additional tree planting took place during The Flying Samaritans clinic in San Quintin, Mexico on May 22nd, 2011



Roger Lyon was a conservationist and an attorney who fought tirelessly to preserve our coast and all it's nature.


 Deodar Cedar Tree

 Cedrus deodara



Dr Graciela Sarmiento was passionate about helping people and devoted her life to the underserved.


California Sycamore Tree

Platanus racemosa

 Andrew Thiel was a Paramedic and a Pre-Med student at Cal Poly.



Marina Madrone Tree

Arbutus marinus




Dr. James Thornton was a Plastic Surgeon who traveled to Mexico twice a year to help the people of Baja.


Chinese Pistache Tree

Pistacia chinesis