Flying Samaritans, the Central Valley Chapter will again host our Fall IBOD Meeting at Columbia Airport

IBOD Meeting and BBQ - Columbia Airport

September 28, 2013

The Central Valley Chapter of the Flying Samaritans will again host the Fall IBOD meeting at Columbia Airport on Saturday September 28, 2012. All Flying Samaritans and their guests are invited to attend Below is information for flying-in or driving-in, there are also attachments that you may want to print regarding the use of the grass runway, camp ground rules, etc.

Date & Time: September 28, 2013.

· IBOD Meeting: 10:00am – 2:00pm [subject to change]

· BBQ: Noon – 1:00pm

Location: Columbia Airport - O22

· Address 10723 Airport Road Columbia, CA. 95310

· Picnic grounds adjacent to grass runway - 29

Menu – Yet to be finalized but…

· Tri-Tip BBQ on outdoor grille

· Bread, Salads & Dessert

· Beverages – Water, soda

· All paper plates, utensils, etc. provided

Hotels - Below is a list of hotels close to the airport, we have not pre-reserved rooms. You are responsible for making your own accommodations, additional information can be found at the following website: and

· Fallon Hotel – 209-532-1470

· City Hotel – 209-532-1479

· Columbia Cottages 209-532-1479

· Columbia Inn – 209-533-0446

· The Harlan Bed & Breakfast 209-533-4862

· There are lots of hotels in Sonora at short driving distance


· Columbia Historic State Park – Is a living, restored gold rush town

· Wine tasting – lots of wineries in these hills

· Sonora – Beautify gold rush town


· Airport Identifier – O22

· Elevation 2120 feet

· Runways 17/35 TPA 1,000’ AGL; Runways 11/29 [Grass] 800’ AGL

· See attached for guidelines for use of Grass Runway

· After landing taxi to campground located along Grass Runway

· Runway 29 "Object Free Area" [OFA] has a width of 250’ or 125’ either side of center line of the runway, this area must be kept clear of any parked aircraft, vehicles, etc.

· Consult your airport director for additional information