Arriving to Cabo San Lucas

Chillaxin' at El Ameyal after my flight

(only 1hr 40 min to Phoenix

and 1 hr 40 to Cabo)

From my balcony at El Ameyal Wellness Center.  Sweat lodge is in the background.
and interesting
It's so much better when you eat outside and I made sure I did so for my whole trip.
These guys were all over the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas.

I started at Los Cabos and traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Pescadero, Todos Santos, La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo.

The Marina is beautiful and a fun hangout for tourists and shopping

Shopping in the back alleys is more fun.

and colorful

Only equipped with a backpack,

I could not buy anything.

Well, I did bring this little dish home for my kitty.

Beach hair. I looked like this every day.

Time to hit the road and test the bus system.  El Pescadero here I come

Well, luckily, the bus driver forgot to leave me at the town of El Pescadero!

I instead, I was left at Todos Santos. .

Todos Santos here I come

It had a serious kitchen and I don't even want to discuss the giant rainfall shower!
I think my bed was made of
Unicorn fur and angel wings.

The cliff hiking was amazing. I think I saw Jennifer Aniston at the villa below.
I was in town by accident. There were NO rooms available. I met an American couple who knew of a brand new hotel that "had not opened yet."
My hotel was named "The Vibe." The photo above is my side patio.
This was my personal front patio!

I spent a lot of peaceful moments at this gallery.

Todos Santos is the most amazing unspoiled old Spanish town and I only have a few photos. The link below has a few photos....(not mine)

More testing of the bus system...

La Paz here I come.

This city is imaculate and beautiful

Different view of the incredible Malecon.

Even the "back roads" are immaculate"

Loved all the markets and lotsa chilis.

Market fruit everywhere and so cheap.

I needed to get in the water

Believe it or not, this is a Whale Shark

Lunch on the Malecon.

The Malecon goes for miles and is wide enough for walking, running and riding.


I always love to check out the local scene.

More market shopping and lotsa beans.

Wanted to put this in my backpack.

The amazing Sea of Cortez was calling me.

I was so excited to  be so close, that I barely found my camera (and my fingers are in front of the lens!) I hated to end this tip but The captain wanted lunch.

Back to the hotel for a swim and a beer.

Testing the express bus from La Paz to San Juan del Cabo

The bus had movies but they were in Spanish.

All along the way, awesome little spots to get a taco

Miles and miles of pristine unpopulated beaches and desert.

or a tamale

San Juan del Cabo was beautiful and fun. The people were the nicest people I have ever met. I don't know why I can't find my photos but I know I will return soon and get some great pix of this fabulous little city.

After 2 days there, I hopped on my LAST bus to the airport and had a great trip home.

6 cities in 8 days

10 busses

6 taxis